Where is Slupca?

Finding Slupca District, Poznan Province, Poland

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Poland was divided in 17 provinces from 1945 to 1975.  This is the division that the Family History Library uses to categorize their holdings


Poland 1945-1975


Slupca district, also called Slupca county, was in Poznan Province, marked with an arrow.  In 1975 the province boundaries were redrawn and reduced to 16 provinces.  They look like this today

Poland 1975-present


Today Slupca district is in Wielkopolskie Province.  Wielkopolskie Province is divided in districts, or counties (powiat in Polish).

Wielkopolskie Province


And Slupca district is divided in municipalities (gmina in Polish), as shown on this map.  The Family History Library has the records for the municipalities of Orchowo in Mogilno district, and Powidz in Gniezno district, neither in Slupca.   Those records will not be indexed here.

Slupca District



According to the FHL holdings, Slupca district has 20 parishes; Brudzewo, Cienin Kościelny, Ciążeń, Giewartów, Graboszewo, Koszuty, Kowalewo, Lądek, Młodojewo, Ostrowo Kościelne, Samarzewo, Staw, Strzałkowo, Szemborowo, Słupca, Trąbczyn, Zagórów, Łąd, and Skarboszewo.  They are underlined on this map.  Over time, I hope to index more of them.

Click here for a more detailed map of this region.